Smart Cities? Public Code!


Public Code is an early stage concept for a type of code developed with the public interest in mind. This means we need to look differently at the software developed for public tasks as compared to the one for private tasks. At a minimum, we should guarantee that it is inclusive, usable, adaptive, open and sustainable.

This series of workshops is organized by a consortium made out of the Foundation for Public Code, the City of Amsterdam and Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences. The aim is to gather information for the benefit of this research and to start a network of collaborators on the topic.



The goals of these workshop is to further develop the concept of Public Code. How should we understand Public Code, and how can we create it? What kind of technological and institutional arrangements are needed to shift towards the production of Public Code.

This workshop is part of a series of events that will lead to a implementation guide for public software, a research agenda, and a consortium for future research

These workshops are part of the «Smart Cities? Public Code!» programme.